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"The key to success in business is understanding that you don't know what you don't know!"
~ Chuck Peavey

A story about a hidden lie!

In the story; "The Emperor's New Clothes", being too close to the actual problem, the Emperor was unable to see the truth that the clothes sold to him were in reality nonexistent...

Those who served the Emperor, were either unable to see or afraid to admit the truth lest they be deemed unworthy.

This charade went on until a young child pointed out that the Emperor was in fact not wearing any clothes and suddenly the Emperor knew he had literally been taken to the cleaners!

Like the Emperor in the story, as business leaders, we are sometimes mislead by those we trust to help manage and grow our business...

Are you wearing new clothes?

The Emperor's Clothes, original illustration dated 1849

"The only choice for an institution is between management and mismanagement... Whether it is being done right or not will
determine largely whether the enterprise will survive and prosper or decline and ultimately fail."
~ Peter F. Drucker

So often we see this distinction in business...

  • Sometimes the company is stuck or in trouble but thinks it's a passing phase
  • Sometimes, those with the most to lose are too close to the problem to see the truth
  • Some employees are afraid to tell the truth for fear of losing their jobs
  • Other employees deliberately hide the fact they are the problem

Like the child in the story above, it is the job of the UNTeam to help you find the truth in your organization. For good or bad, is your company wearing new clothes?


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