"Part of the cost of all knowledge is that you must discover it for yourself"
~ Thomas Willhite

Simple Sites Sell:

Simple does not mean easy! It also doesn't mean cheap (I didn't say inexpensive, I said cheap).

When you see one of those $300 template sites, what do you think? How about WordPress? Free with the purchase of a domain name... really?

If you can spot these low quality web sites, why can't your customers.

If that is the kind of site you want, we are not the company to call. We only do high end, high quality web sites and only for businesses who are willing to let us learn about you and how you do business before we even get started.

Through this entire site, we have been discussing the "Webcentric Business Matrixl!" Your web site is the "center" of your "Webcentric" business and it needs to be solid. The kind of solid that a 17 year old web development company, the oldest existing company in Orange County can offer.

Some of our website clients:

American College of Veterinary Dermatology

Prime Management Rentals

Business Environmental Coalition


The Subtle Difference...

So far I've avoided technical talk but feel free to experience your eyes glazing over for a few minutes. Hosting (including cloud hosting) on the Internet is split into two competing camps...

  • On one side is the Linux platform. Generally free and open source. Open source means that any programmer can download the source code, examine it, modify it and build their own server using it (that's slightly over simplified). WordPress and Google are based on this platform.
  • On the other side is the Microsoft platform. It is not open source, they control distribution and they charge a lot for every bit of software you use. Just about every large company in the world is based on this platform.

Since our focus is on custom solutions a professional business like look and feel, we don't work with WordPress or some free platform.

We have developed our own set of custom tools and technical resources, a proprietary development platform that help us provide web solutions quickly and at a lower cost than was possible only 5 years ago.

We call this our Semi-Custom design approach. The core engine is of our own design we call the UNgine (Universal Net engine). We don't simply repackaged open source solutions. We run on the latest Microsoft server with a real Microsoft SQL database backend then customize graphics and features to make your site a one-off (one of a kind) masterpiece built to make your company look good and if you take advantage of our Webcentric services, make your company run better.





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