"I don't want a website because I heard the Internet is going out of business!"
~ Unnamed Former Business Owner

Could a Website be part of Webcentric?

Yes it can!

We talked about how the Webcentric Model is built around a "Virtual" solution. It's a fact, your business needs a web site. Ever try and get information about...

  • The stylist who cuts your hair?
  • The little wine store down the street?
  • The antique store in that little town you plan to visit?
  • The printer your friend told you had a good price on business cards?

Let's face it, the days of the Yellow Pages have passed! A website is a given, email is a given. And if you want to be taken seriously, your own domain name is a given!

Once we have created a path for your business, the next step is evaluating the profitability or return on investment for using Internet based tools be they out of the box of custom.

There is also the consideration of how this will interact with your current infrastructure. If the technology solution is redundant, we'll need to erase the old system as we implement the new one!

There are some things you don't want to let technology do for you. Answer the phone for example... Ever call a company and you have to push #1 for English? Then Push 1,2,3,4,8 for the area you're calling about? Then 10 minutes later you get to talk to a person?

First question... Do you like going through all that?

Second question... Do you have that in your company?


Here We Go Again...

Much like with the initial evaluation, we now get to go through those same steps with regard to the new infrastructure that will be created based on our plan to use the Webcentric Technology solutions At this phase we're interested in 3 things:

Design - Planning a solution that provides a face to the public as well as backend (hidden) resources that you can use in your company. For example, Tivoli Lighting uses a tool we created to track the manufacturing of each customer order. They had two (2) employees focusing their entire day on answering client calls about the status of their order. After integrating this solution, that part of the work load all but disappeared leaving these two employees to focus on their real jobs.

Development - You are part of the development process. As we build out your solution, we keep you involved. A custom solution means it should be easy for you to use. For example, the ACVD calls their members "Students" and "Diplomates" while the Irvine Public Schools Foundation calls their members "Parents" and "Students." It seems like a minor issue but when you're staring at those screens all day, it's better if the tools you use match your company's internal language.

Integration - Our custom processes are structured to integrate into the process flow of your business using your internal language and structure. If you have a multistep process tracking a sale from the initial purchase through processing, shopping and finally billing and you are tracking the entire process electronically through your custom virtual tracking tool, that tool should be comfortable for your employees to use. This is a key to productivity.

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