"Efficiency is doing things right;
Effectiveness is doing the right things!"
~ Peter Drucker

What is a Business Consultant?

A "Business Consultant" is just another name for a Project Manager!

A good project manager has multiple skills in the areas they manage and strong skills in the core processes you want them to manage (i.e. Technology). For example, a video game project manager should know how to program but not necessarily how to make art.

A good Business Consultant needs to know how to organize, plan and implement new infrastructure in a way that least upsets the existing (and hopefully thriving) day to day operations of the business they are helping.

As your navigator, our job is simply to extend your reach as the Pilot of your business. We study the maps, weather charts and new information as it arrives. We navigate a path to success for you and your business. The ultimate decision to turn the plane lies with you.


Where we Focus...

Using the Webcentric Business Matrix, the "Business Consulting" aspect of what the UNTeam focuses on consists of three areas...

  • Technology
    • How does technology integrate into your business?
    • Are you paying too much?
    • Are you using technology you don't need or is redundant?
    • Are your IT support staff treating you fairly?
  • infrastructure
    • What are the key processes in your business?
    • Are your employees clear on their jobs?
    • Are there hidden costs that need addressed?
    • Are there aspects of your business you aren't aware of that shouldn't be there?
  • Focus
    • Are you so focused on sales you're missing something?
    • Do you need to focus more on sales?
    • Have you lost focus?
    • If you've lost focus, how do we get it back?

In the discovery process, we get the answers to these questions and this map of your business becomes the basis for the course we plot for your business. 

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