"If you can't convert those people to paying customers, you'll have failed at one of
Internet marketing's necessities - converting visitors to customers.
~ Jay Conrad Levinson (Guerilla Marketing)

Sales Only Begin With Marketing...

It should go without saying that it doesn't do any good to market your business on the Internet until you have a Website capable of keeping visitors engaged and converting them to customers.

Once we have that under control, there are technology solutions to marketing your business and low tech solutions to marketing your business.

Low tech? Yes, in the 80s, I worked with a radio station called KBUG. They glued some felt feet and googly eyes to a small fuzz ball and called it a K-Bug. They won awards and a bunch of business.

Right now, the emphasis on Social Network Marketing and SEO marketing is being pushed so hard, the sound is deafening and it still may not be the immediate solution for you!

Does it make sense to focus on finding the solutions that are best for you? In keeping with the Webcentric Business Model, we always first look for low cost high ROI solutions specifically tailored to your organization now!


A Place to Start:

Marketing - Who is your market and what is your marketing strategy? Once we know this, we will know what we need to do to meet the standards of your Webcentric Business Matrix.

Public Recognition - There is more to being seen than being listed on Yelp. Press releases, posts to social media and even a blog or newsletter create name recognition for you and your brand.

Promotion - Innovative promotion methods often have no or very little cost

Events - Of course we build and manage events! This is an often overlooked way of being seen in your community...

      • Join forces with other businesses to put on your own industry event
      • Plan a networking or business mixer
      • Put on a 5K race with proceeds going to a favorite charity
      • Speak on someone else's stage

All of these are ways to stand out as a Rock Star in your business and get the recognition you deserve.

One more thing. There are a lot of people who promise to get you to the top of Google or high traffic from social media but beware of Black-Hat techniques. They get you a lot of traffic but that traffic seldom converts to sales and if it's breaking the rules, you will be punished...

In 2010, J.C. Penny used these techniques to show up in the top of Google throughout the Christmas shopping season. See more at this New York Times article. I remember looking for a part for my car and Penny's had the top spot in that search too (like Penny's sells radiators). Eventually they were caught and Google changed their search algorithem then shoved J.C. Penny to the back of every search for years to come.

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