"The one predictable thing about Organizational Development is its unpredictable consequences."
~ William J. Reddin
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We're in a new era with regard to technology. We have reached a time when nearly all aspects of your business can be managed in the palm of your hand and technology changes daily regardless of if you're ready.

As early as 2001, I spoke with a woman who refused to consider a web site for her retail store. "I heard the Internet is going out of business" she said. Today, the Internet has expanded but her business is gone!

Technology, properly integrated can be the difference between success and failure. A tiny change to a web site can save thousands of dollars. But which aspects of your business should change?

The Webcentric Philosophy asks this exact question.

A story about a tree (well, 65 trees)...

The American College of Veterinary Dermatology (www.ACVD.org) had a big problem. Their members are spread all over the country. Twice a year, a team of mentors were required to review student case studies for student advancement toward graduation. The case studies needed to be restricted access (only members of the review board for each student were allowed to see that case study created by that student).

The process had been the same for 18 years... Students sent their case studies (hundreds of pages each) to the office manager in California. The office manager made multiple copies of the case studies (780 cases of paper) and sent them to the members of the review board at a combined shipping cost of $4,000.00 per year.

That's when they contacted the UNTeam...

After evaluating the problem, we designed a feature in the ACVD web site that allowed Students to send an electronic version of their case studies. We created an area in the site where documents could be stored in a user created student folder and access to this folder was assigned to the members of the review board on a member by member basis

In the end, we save ACVD over $26,000.00 every year in paper and shipping (not including labor and ink) and if you're interested in environmental impact, every year, the ACVD saves 65 trees!


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