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What does UNTeam mean?
What is Webcentric?
What is the difference between the Webcentric Matrix and the Webcentric Model?
What are your qualifications?
What is "Business Turn Around?"
How do you define management?
What is efficiency?
What is effectiveness?
What if I'm not satisfied with your work or want a refund?
Why do you build web sites if you're business consultants?


Q: What does UNTeam mean?


How about not a conventional team!?

We like to think of ourselves as an integrated team of professionals so "Universal Net Team" sounded nice?

Then we remembered a great 7up commercial featuring the late great Geoffrey Holder and the UNTeam was born...

The commercial is about 40 years old and really funny.
We'd love to show it to you but apparently, in this
Politically Correct world, our bank won't let us
"advertise" a product and accept payments online.

Oh, yes, and as a matter of practicality, someone was "Cyber squatting" on UniversalNet.com and even today wants thousands of dollars for it!

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Q: What is Webcentric?


Simply put...

Webcentric = Virtual First

It means we want to imagine your business with no physical (brick and mortar) presence. Can it function like that? If not, what do we need to build so you can have a fully functioning business and can those physical assets (or expenses) be augmented by some sort of software or virtual (cloud based) feature!?

There is no doubt that you need people to run a business but how many people? Where do those people need to be? Can you have an employee in Nebraska and 3 more in California? We did. It worked out pretty well.

Webcentric is simply determining the cost effectiveness of colud based solutions vs. brick and mortar solutions.

Sometimes it's a matter of changing how employees communicate. Sometimes, virtual is NOT the answer, it's just seeing things a little differently...

There is a machine at Yoplait Yogurt used to stamp the aluminum on top of the yogurt cups two at a time. Our team noticed these cups were about 12 inches apart when they were stamped wasting a large part of the aluminum sheet. Simply moving the two lines closer together at this last stage reduced the cost of aluminum significantly and added immediate profit to the bottom line.


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Q: What is the difference between the Webcentric Matrix and the Webcentric Model?


the "Webcentric Business Model" is an objective (modular) way of looking at your business. Some of these modules work together and interact, some don''t. Some of these modules interact with the public, some modules interact with all of the other modules but shouldn''t and some modules arent even necessary.

The "Webcentric Business Model" is simply a way to quantify the elements of your business into interactive modules we can evaluate separately and as a whole.

The system we use to evaluate your business is the "Webcentric Business Matrix", a series of questions we ask about your business that helps us define these functional components. This helps us define the balance point betweenf maximum productivity and profitability.

Once completed, we know which processes can benefit from complete virtualization, partial virtualization or do not belong in the cloud...

For example, one client had two full time employees to answer phone calls regarding status of manufacturing orders. We built an Internet based tool that connects to the manufacturing database. Now customers enter an order number and they know which part of their order had shipped, which part is scheduled to ship and if any part is delayed.

This full 16 work hour per day job became a 2 work hour per day job and these employees found other more productive things to do with their time.

Once we use the Webcentric Matrix to define your business in terms of the Webcentric Model, we can quickly evaluate any portion of your business at the Macro or Micro level.

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Q: What are your qualifications?


We work in so many areas, it''s difficult to guess what you mean by this question and perhaps we should talk about how and if we''re qualified to help you (we may not be) but for basic qualifications, here''s a brief list...

  • Microsoft Certified Professional - "Designing, Deploying and Managing a Network for the Small and Medium-sized Business (this includes servers, computers and all IT infrastructure components)
  • Sandler Sales Certification - Trained in the Sandler (win/win) sales approach, we can use these tools to help not just in sales but collection, vendor relationships and of course, training your own sales team
  • Sustainable Resources Management (CRRA) - Certified to review your business infrastructure and determine best methods of reducing internal waste.
  • Rise Above Plastics Speaker (SurfRider Foundation) - Not specific to your business but connects us to the scientific community and breakthroughs in plastics and reducing waste
  • 300+ Web sites - We have worked closely with over 300 small to medium size businesses just like yours
  • Experience - In 17 years doing business in California, we''ve had business issues, employee issues, economic issues, government issues just like you

In 34 years, there are more and we''ll add them as we remember them. You can always contact us for more information

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Q: What is "Business Turn Around?"


At times when your business is really struggling either because of employee performance, client issues, employee issues, a tanking economy or for any other reason, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the day to day struggle of just keeping the doors open.

"Turn Around" means bringing your business back up to profitability.

When you bring us in to manage Business Turn Around, we first evaluate all aspects of your business... What you spend money on, how processes in your organization work, the decision making process, accounts receivables and so on. We get very familiar with what you do, how you do it and what is most important to you as a business leader.

The next step is to find the low hanging fruit, the clients who owe you money and will pay quickly, the contractors that are over charging you, that telephone bill that is 4 times too high! This is where we get the quickest result, the first place we can get your head above water so you can breath.

Next we take a longer range look at your business, how do we stimulate growth in the future while keeping you going today?

Our objective is simply to repair the ship while you continue to fulfill your roll as captain!

One last thing, a lot of Turn Around experts first push you into additional debt funding. While credit is a valuable tool and we''re not afraid to go there, we are experts in "boot straping" if we can keep you from growing your debt, that is our first goal.

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Q: How do you define management?


Management is a problem solving process of effectively achieving organizational objectives through the efficient use of scarce resources in a changing environment.

Management is the process of effectively achieving organizational objectives through the efficient use of scarce resources in a changing environment.

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Q: What is efficiency?


Efficiency deals with the amount of resources applied to achieve a result (input vs. output). It is the preservation of resources including time, talent and money!

Is there a more efficient way to kill a fly than using a sledgehammer? Is a sledgehammer an over use of physical energy, natural resources and talent?

Likewise, is a sledgehammer the best way to dig a tunnel? While a relatively inexpensive solution, will the tunnel be dug in the time allotted, could someone with different talents (say a dynamite expert) be a better use of resources?


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Q: What is effectiveness?


Effectiveness is accomplished by achieving a stated objective. Swinging a sledgehammer against the wall may be an effective way of killing a fly. The same sledgehammer may be an effective way of making a tunnel in the side of a mountain.

As managers, we sometimes need to question if there are other means of accomplishing an objective that are also effective.

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Q: What if I'm not satisfied with your work or want a refund?


If you sign a contract and change your mind before we start work on the project, we will happilly refund your payment. After that, the terms of the contract are laid out pretty clearly.

Once we get started, people are getting paid, services and equipment are being purchased... We want you to be happy and will do what we can if you''re in a bind but it's kind of like building a house, once the foundation is pored and the frame is up, it's a bit too late to decide you want to live in a tent.

All of our services are provided under a signed contract and therefore, all policies relating to refunds are defined in your individual contract.

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Q: Why do you build web sites if you're business consultants?


A web presence is the core of the "Webcentric Business Model" and a necessary part of making your business profitable in the future.

It's not actually the web site we're interested in, it's the Cloud presence that allows you and your customers to access information from anywhere in the world.

While we were originally involved in business management and infrastructure, the Internet provided us with an opportunity to design custom web sites that helped our clients grow. In 1998, we were already building customer support management into our sites. It was a couple of years later that Cisco (for example) realized they could save $528 Million per year by simply putting their documents on their web site.

We never just built web sites, we built integrated solutions to support business infrastructure.

It's likely that you'll never have all of your business based in the cloud. It's sort of the buzzword of the day but still less than 10% of businesses utilize the cloud because it's just not ready.

Our job is to use technology as much as possible to reduce your cost, improve your efficiency and effectivness while always moving more dollars to the bottom line (your profits).

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