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What is the Webcentric Model?
What is Business Turnaround
Why do you build web sites if you're business consultants?


Q: What is the Webcentric Model?


The "Webcentric Business Model" is simply a way to quantify the elements of your business into modules (or processes). We evaluate these components of your business separately and as a whole then determine which elements of your business would be improved (more efficient and/or effective) if those elements were automated virtually (in the cloud).

The system we use to evaluate your business, we call the "Webcentric Business Matrix", simple a series of questions we ask about your business that helps us define these functional and find the balance between maximum productivity and profitability.

Once we use the Webcentric Matrix to define your business in terms of the Webcentric Model, we can quickly evaluate any portion of your business. This approach is helpful in Business Turnaround as well.

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Q: What is Business Turnaround


As businesses grow, problems grow with them. We compare it to a game of Jenga, you're building but sometimes you build in problems. On the other hand, there are times the market or the economy takes a twist you didn't expect.

It's times like these you need someone from the outside to take a look and see what needs to change to get the company running properly again.

"Turn Around" means bringing your business back up to full profitability.

When you bring us in, our objective is simply to repair these processes while you continue to fulfill your roll as captain!

Just a note: Additional funding is sometimes necessary. That's your call and sometimes it's necessary. We first like to work with the resources you have on hand to "boot strap" your business out of trouble rather than grow your debt!



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Q: Why do you build web sites if you're business consultants?


Your website is the core of the "Webcentric Business Model!"

We can help you build backend services into your site that will provide services to your customers, save you money and work for you all day every day anywhere in the world.

We were building services like this into our client websites in 1999. It wasn't until about 2000 that Cisco realized they could save $528 Million per year by simply putting their documents on their web site.

Our job is to use technology as much as possible to reduce your cost, improve your efficiency and effectivness while always moving more dollars to your bottom line.

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