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"The key to success in business is understanding that you don't know what you don't know!"
~ Chuck Peavey

A story about a girl...

I got a call from an attorney. Her staff of seven had lost all access to her client case files and their shared calendar. they had missed court dates, missed client meetings and been sanctioned by the court at least 4 times in a 6 week period.

Her server had failed and after a week of evaluation, her IT company insisted it was beyond repair and she needed to move immediately to their new "Cloud" solution at a cost of $15,000.00 and $1,200.00 per month but the migration took an additional 5 weeks before could resume as usual.

But business didn't resume as usual. The available Internet bandwidth at the law firm could barely support one user on the cloud, let alone seven. To make matters worse, when their data was moved to the cloud, the migration changed all of their file creation dates to the date of the migration. No original file dates were retained. After 2 months of struggling and feeling trapped, she didn't know what to do!

This is when she called Universal Net...

Universal Net thrives on problem solving. We are passionate about business systems and helping businesses grow. We believe in finding problems fast and fixing them faster. Often, we are the calm in the center of the storm.

So back to this client...

Her IT company was lying to her (or was incredibly incompetent). The server had experienced a hard drive failure but because of RAID mirroring, replacing a failed hard drive had the server running in less than 3 hours. We couldn't just switch them back to the server. There were changed files on the cloud. Their email was also on the cloud. To complicate things even more, all the file dates on the cloud had the wrong file creating date.

Our solution: Migrate all changed files from the cloud back to the original server and merge the file sets. Move the email to a different server and migrate email history to the new server then terminate the account with the original IT company.


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