"Without communication leadership cannot occur."
~ Jerry C. Wofford

What is in a Name...

Universal Net began because I was frustrated by the number of so called business people I saw preying on small businesses, many of the victims were my friends.

Further, the core of the manipulation began with confusing these people with complex talk about emerging technology, especially web sites and the Internet. They promised value at a discount followed by unending graft and ever growing fees "Oh, you actually wanted meat in your hamburger? That's extra!" And these parasites drained businesses of their cash reserves which was at the least disheartening. In fact, when we first started, I got caught myself!

Coming from the Video Game industry, I realized that even the most complex website could not be as challenging as designing, managing and creating a video game. And in my opinion, no 5 page website was worth $25,000.00!

A lot of business owners I know were amazing at what their business did and not so much at actually knowing how to manage the complex inner workings of the business they built to do it. So in their search ways to organize and better tame the beast their business had become, their paths crossed more people with solutions that were less than productive and still costly as many of those who provide these products and services continued to collect payment while taking their time getting to the point.

And so, Universal Net was born with an emphasis on demystifying technology so our clients could better understand what they were getting.

While our initial focus was on website development (it was 1998 after all), we were constantly working with our clients to help them integrate technology into their business and this is where the "Webcentric Business Matrix" was created.

Little Red Riding Hood meets the wolf!

Some of the early horrors...

Small business struggles that were so frustrating...

A friend with a bike rental place on the beach had half of his inventory and an unknown amount of daily receipts taken by two employees before he caught on and had to fire them - That business failed!

A restaurant owner had a Chef abusing his staff. He would even make bets about how long it would take to make a specific waitress cry each day. Other abuses included food disappearing from the pantry at night as the manager would stop in at night after the bars closed and have little parties with his friends - This restaurant failed!

One of our first clients ask us to help them move away from their original web developer. They purchased a domain name and ask the web developer to handle the registration on their behalf. They later learned the web developer had registered the domain in his own name and was holding it hostage. The court made this client pay $40,000.00 to get the domain name back. This business failed!

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