“The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking spaces.”
~ Will Rogers

A Story About a Guy...

The UNTeam is lead by Chuck Peavey and yes, I'm also a Mountaineer.

A product of a small farm town with big dreams and no way to make them real, I...

  • Joined the Navy's Advanced Electronics program
  • Which lead to my computer hardware design experience
  • Which lead to studying business at the University of Utah
  • Which at the tender age of 20, lead to building and running a technical support department for Quanta Corporation, a major equipment provider to the Broadcast Television industry
  • Which lead to learning to program the Commodore 64 and Atari computers
  • Which lead to publishing the first ever Nutritional guide for a computer
  • Which lead to writing, publishing, managing and designing 12 video games for Atari, SEGA, PlayStation and others.

Oh yes, and with that many successful game titles; being ask to present my project management techniques at a SEGA International Developers Conference!


Now There is Universal Net and The UNTeam...

The key to creating the "Webcentric Business Matrix" is understanding the interconnectedness of any complex system.

A video game needs a routine to move the hero, a routine to move the background, a routine to shoot the hero's gun, a routine for the bad guy and a routine to see if the bad guy was hit when the hero shot his gun. That's just the beginning and while all of these parts are independent, they all interact. It's a "Modular" system of objects and the cornerstone of "Object Oriented Programming."

Likewise, a company consists of autonomous but interactive modules. A company may need a website to show products to customers, a payment gateway in the website to take the order, a merchant account to process the payment, a person to view and verify the order, a person to process and ship the order. That's just the beginning... Get the point?

Using an "Object Oriented" approach, combined with tired and prove Process Management and Design techniques, we examine companies to see how to best optimize any "Module" in their system.

This is the core of the Webcentric Model, asking which modules are best handled by technology and which are best handled by people!

When things get tight, a lot of businesses look immediately to sales but is that your low hanging fruit? First of all, sales slow during an economic downturn reducing volume and thus reducing your profit margins.

On the other hand, finding and eliminating waste delivers 100% to the bottom line!

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